We all procrastinate from time to time – surely, it’s harmless? Not necessarily. Prolonged periods of procrastination can negatively impact your business. Read on to explore why your employees are procrastinating and how to increase their motivation and concentration.

Unofficially, the 6th of September is ‘Fight Procrastination Day’. More commonly recognised in the US than in the UK, the day aims to help people face the cause of their procrastination issues head-on.

Procrastination = delaying or postponing what we need to achieve.

People procrastinate in all areas of their lives, using different distraction methods to avoid completing a specific task.

Sound familiar?

The impact of procrastinating will depend on what we’re avoiding and why, but in the workplace, procrastination can be a productivity killer.

In this blog, we take a look at: procrastination in numbers, uncovering the cause: delivering the solution, and unleashing the power of reward with Sodexo Engage.