Omnipresent engages staff through inspiring values

Formed in 2019, Omnipresent is a global employment services provider that enables businesses to employ, pay and provide support for teams across 150 countries. Last December, it had 15 full-time team members and it has just now employed its one hundredth employee. Omnipresent staff have been working remotely across the 26 countries in which they are based.

In terms of engaging its employees, the business has created a vision and values that are linked to each of its actions, as well as clearly communicating goals and how every department and individual is contributing to its overall vision.

Omnipresent people manager Irene van der Werf explains that this engages staff as they feel their work is meaningful and that they are contributing to something inspiring. “We let people give their input to the objectives that they’ll be working on so we hear their ideas, letting them run with things they want to run with. Giving people ownership is empowering and motivational. Employee resource groups, where people can create a community, are great and also enable people to work together on projects that they are passionate about,” she says.

The organisation prides itself on its internal mobility and career opportunities, and shows staff that they can further their career, scale up, and be invested in to avoid them going elsewhere to expand their horizons.

Ominpresent believes employee loyalty, motivation and engagement are created by hiring enough staff, setting realistic deadlines and building an inclusive culture where everyone feels they belong.

Van der Werf comments that there are many employee engagement lessons to be learned from organisations across the world, as initiatives such as an open feedback culture helps to create trust between employers and employees. “I’m very impressed by [organisations] like Zalando, LinkedIn, Bumble and others that responded to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic by offering employees paid leave for their mental wellbeing. It’s a great action to show an employer cares, when it’s done right,” she says.

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