Mass redundancies: How HR can make the hardest conversations better

Let’s get things out in the open: Your business may be facing an impossible situation. And sometimes those impossible situations lead to bad news for your employees, such as redundancies.

This bad news – telling someone something they do not want to hear is not what people in HR like doing. It’s the flip-side to offering learning and development opportunities, giving someone counsel to help them overcome a challenge, the promotion or pay rise you are giving. But it is an unfortunate reality. HR has to understand and deal with the fact that our jobs have what I call ‘the crunchy’ and ‘the smooth.’

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But as an HR leader, you can make a difference in these difficult situations and see how you can positively impact a challenging situation, such as communicating mass redundancies.

Click here for some ideas I have used and seen HR colleagues use, which I hope can help you navigate the more ‘crunchy’ part of HR.