Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust launches incentivised wellbeing programme

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust has launched an incentivised sustainability and wellbeing behaviour change programme for its 20,000 employees.

The Green Rewards programme, delivered by Jump, aims to encourage positive actions among employees. The programme was launched on 7 May 2019 and is available to staff in nine hospitals, as well as the NHS community health services through Manchester Local Care Organisation (MLCO).

Using an online platform and mobile app, employees are able to track positive behaviours and earn ‘green points’. Desired behaviours include recycling, energy saving, sustainable travel, and wellbeing activities such as keeping active, travelling to work actively, and spending time outside.

The activities are divided into six categories: engage, nature, nurture, consumption, journeys and fuel. Some of the behaviours being promoted include switching off electrical equipment, pledging to use less plastic, a step challenge and meat free Mondays.

Each month, employees with the most points will be rewarded with a choice of voucher, including those for high street shops or cinemas. Top-performing departments will be rewarded with donations for charities supported by the trust; the organisation aims to donate £1,000 within the first year of the scheme.

Claire Igoe, head of environmental sustainability at Manchester NHS Trust, said: “Green Rewards brings together sustainability and wellness in a fun, competitive way that we feel is really going to capture the imagination of our employees.

“We’re rewarding people for taking a whole range of actions that will help us reduce our environmental impact, and as one of the largest NHS Trusts in the UK we’re hoping to lead the way in delivering sustainable healthcare.”

The trust is hosting three events in the two weeks following the launch, promoting the programme and encouraging employees to sign up. The initiative is also being promoted via a newsletter and internal social media. Monthly e-newsletters will keep staff updated about events, activities and winners.