Lubbock Fine introduces staff smart working model

London-based accountancy and business advisory organisation Lubbock Fine has announced that its employees can decide when and where they work as part of its new smart working model.

Founded in 1929, the mid-tier company, which has 13 partners and employs more than 140 staff, has designed the approach to improve both “work-life balance and client experience” and to become a more flexible workspace for team collaboration, client meetings, training and drop-in solo working.

Staff will now be encouraged to adopt their personal best hours, and are able to build their own work schedule to fit their personal lives, family commitments and wellbeing activities, alongside the needs of their colleagues and clients.

They will also have the option to work from home, in the office, or abroad, depending on the specific requirements of their role. Teams will select their own hybrid working location that is best suited to the type of activity or client work they are undertaking.

According to the organisation, the move is part of a multi-year business transformation project, which included introducing agile technology and working methods back in 2019. After going fully remote during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, leadership decided to pursue a flexible model, having witnessed “strong outcomes” in productivity, employee work-life balance and client satisfaction scores.

It is transitioning gradually to this type of working throughout the summer of 2021, in line with current UK government guidance.

Robert Morley, chief operating officer at Lubbock Fine, explained that the business’ aim was to create one of the most flexible and competitive policies in London, while continuing to ensure an “outstanding” client experience.

“Lubbock Fine’s smart working approach is built on trust and reflects the diversity of employee needs and preferences. Throughout our internal consultation process, one consistent message was clear – our teams work best when given freedom to decide,” he said.