It is time to wake up to workplace wellbeing

Eighty-three per cent of global organisations aspire to have a strong culture of wellbeing. So this month, Xerox HR Services is focusing on ways to help improve employees’ total wellbeing. And better outcomes for employees means better outcomes for employers.

Read about the latest trends in the Global Wellbeing Survey report
Xerox HR Services' Global Wellbeing Survey confirms that supporting employees’ total wellbeing has become a business imperative, even if quantifying the ROI is challenging. Globally, nearly 60 per cent cite improving performance and productivity as their top objective, along with recognising the need to help reduce barriers to employee productivity, attraction and retention.

Applying a wellbeing lens to your offerings will not only address the more obvious elements of “wellness”, but the full spectrum of individual needs, including emotional health and financial security. And with techniques and technologies developing and changing, it is important to regularly review and update your programmes to ensure the best support for employees.

Workplace Wellbeing month
Each week this month, Xerox HR Services will be focusing on a different aspect of wellbeing – physical, mental, financial – and how it can all be brought together under the total wellbeing banner, providing information, tools, and tips via a dedicated Workplace Wellbeing microsite.