Aberdeen Asset Management rolls out payroll-giving scheme to staff

Aberdeen Asset Management has introduced a payroll-giving scheme that allows staff to round down their net pay to the nearest pound and donate the remaining pennies to charity.

The scheme, Pennies for Promise, was launched by Activpayroll on 5 September at the beginning of National Payroll Week, and is open to all UK employers.

It ensures that 100% of donated funds go directly to supported charities, and there is no cost for employers, employees or the charities involved.

Martin Gilbert, chief executive officer of Aberdeen Asset Management, said: “We are pleased to be joining Activpayroll’s Pennies for Promise scheme.

“As a global organisation, we understand the importance of supporting the communities that we operate within.

“Pennies for Promise provides our business with an effective way to enable our employees to support charities that they care about. 

Alison Sellar, managing director at Activpayroll, added: “Organisations of all sizes are beginning to recognise the true value of corporate social responsibility. It is becoming a critical part of their business plan.

“Our idea helps employers bolster their corporate social responsibility plan, without any administrative burden or cost.

“We recognise that employees want to support charities, but it can often be hard to find a convenient way to support causes they care about. Pennies for Promise solves this problem, making it easy to give.”

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