Asda reviews incentive plan

Asda is to review a recognition programme that rewards employee teams for boosting product sales at their store.

The incentive programme, which was launched in April, requires teams to nominate a single product that they think will be popular within their local community.

Sales of chosen products are then monitored against those made at other stores to ascertain which teams have the best consumer awareness.

The incentive programme will end in October so that the review can be carried out. The programme is due to begin again in January.

Meetings will be held within stores to allow employees to express their views on the scheme. Asda will then look for feedback on aspects such as the effectiveness of product selection and the manner in which prizes are awarded to teams.

Research will also be undertaken to find out why certain stores did not enter and how to encourage participation.

Jayne Tory, reward manager, said: “We are going to take the opportunity from October to evaluate the scheme and build in changes we feel are appropriate by listening to our colleagues.”

Regional winning teams receive £150 worth of reward points to spend in-store, on gift experiences or on travel. From these, two overall winning teams are awarded the use of an Asda-branded Mini S Convertible over a three-week period.