Nestle launch total reward

Nestle will launch a total reward system to 7,000 staff in a bid to make itself highly attractive to top talent.

The system, which goes live in October, will pull together all benefits, and market them to staff across the group.

Stephen Battalia, head of team HR, Nestlª (UK and Ireland), said: "In the UK there are a handful of companies that everybody wants to work for: Royal Bank of Scotland, Microsoft. I want [us] to be one of them."

Besides being able to view their total remuneration on the You At Work-supplied online system, staff can access voluntary benefits, join the share plan and trade up to five days’ holiday.

Battalia added: "We are not stupid here at Nestlª, and in senior management we know that there is a lot of blurring of personal and work. So if we can offer some tools to help you balance your life, Nestlª looks to be a better employer."

He believes that marketing benefits can help when staff hit those moments when they may want to resign, are tempted by headhunters, or need to put in extra work to meet deadlines. "I think that this whole You At Work thing fits in with what progressive employers are starting to say: [the job’s] not nine-to-five. [So] if you can help them a little bit more, thoughtfully, at critical moment’. They might do it because Nestlª has been good to them. Its intangible, but there is something [in it]."