Benefits and long-term business strategy go hand in hand

Debbie Lovewell-Tuck

In today’s business world, there is often a mismatch between employees’ expectations and focus, and organisations’ overarching business strategies and goals. The demise of the appeal of a job for life and the fast pace of roles in many workplaces, means it can be all too easy for employees to become focused on short-term projects, priorities and targets rather than viewing these within the context of long-term business strategy. The result: many employees may not even be aware of their employer’s overall business objectives and long-term plan for success, let alone how their role fits into and supports this.

So, how can employers overturn this? Regardless of an employee’s career aspirations or length of service with an organisation, in the time that they are with an employer, what can be done to engage them with that organisation’s long-term business growth? And how can employers structure reward and benefits schemes to help to drive a long-term mindset and commitment among employees? Find out more in How to engage staff with long-term business growth.

In some cases, creating the best benefits package to help an organisation achieve its long-term aims may mean ripping up the reward rulebook and creating bespoke options to really suit its workforce. This is the approach taken by Goodman Masson, which offers a mortgage savings scheme and exotic holiday loan scheme for its workforce, among many other innovative perks.

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Its unique benefits offering was a key factor in Goodman Masson’s success at the Employee Benefits Awards 2016. If you feel your organisation deserves similar recognition for its approach to reward and benefits, the 2017 Awards are now open for entries. Find all the information you need to gain industry recognition at the Employee Benefits Awards 2017 at The deadline for entries is 9 December 2016, with all the winners to be announced at the Awards and Summer Party on 9 June 2017. Good luck!

Debbie Lovewell-Tuck
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