Red Setter uses family friendly approach to motivate staff

Despite being a small organisation, with just 9 employees, business development consultancy, Red Setter, motivates experienced, expert members of staff with its family-friendly and healthy approach to work .

Red Setter

The company is comprised of ex brand directors, account directors and marketing managers who have all been used to working at a high level. Also, the majority of its employees have children.

Claire Blyth, founder of Red Setter, says: “If they were still working in London they would all be experts in their field. We had to look at how we could reward those effectively, by not only paying well, but also offering non-cash benefits to keep them motivated and retained.”

The organisation’s approach to motivation is very much family-friendly first. Its offices in Brighton are vibrant and it offers flexible working and childcare vouchers. It also aims to make the workplace somewhere that makes employees feel happy and healthy.

It offers all-staff posture consultations and weekly pilates classes to help keep motivation levels high. Frequent social events, such as a summer family beach-hut BBQ, are held as part of its strategy to keep a high level of work-life balance in the workplace, something that employees favour.

Employees also get the day off on their birthday.

Blyth says: “Salary is one thing, but true motivation comes from non-cash rewards . Aside from pay, we try to fit our organisation in with people’s family lives, which helps to motivate our employees and shows we care about them as an organisation. It helps them stay here for a long time.

“We are always recognising the good work our employees do by saying thank you and well done.”