Tesco adds QR code to total reward statements

Tesco has added a quick response (QR) code to its total reward statements (TRS) to give its diverse employee population easy access to their benefits package.

The retailer has provided paper-based TRS for 15 years, sending them to employees’ homes every October. This year, statements were sent out to almost 270,000 staff.

Sarah Nightingale, UK benefits manager at Tesco, said: “A lot of our staff are sitting in stores and depots, and a significant number do not have computers at home. But we know there is a big growth in smartphones, so staff can scan the QR codes and are taken to our benefits website right away.”

Statements are personalised to each employee, containing details of pay, share schemes, the defined benefit (DB) pension scheme, information on private medical insurance, and the discounts they have received at Tesco using their discount cards.

“We want to make sure staff understand the short-term and long-term value of their package,” said Nightingale. “Having all that information in one clear place helps staff plan for their future.”

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