Business professionals flock to sheep-dog training course

High-flying professionals are flocking to a course in Wiltshire, which claims to combat stress and develop teamworking skills by teaching them how to behave like sheep dogs.

The Raising the Baa course gives employees the chance to herd disorderly sheep into a pen. But there is no room for woolly thinking because their movements are captured on camera and played back to them later in the day when the human sheep dogs are given a review of their performance.

Speaking to the Metro professional shepherd and course leader Chris Farnsworth said: “This event helps groups of people, who work together on a paid or voluntary basis, to improve communication skills, increase confidence, enhance leadership qualities, be an inspiration to others – and have heaps of fund in the process.”

But at up to £2,000 a pop, some participants could be forgiven for thinking they were being fleeced.

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