SAB Miller to invest in staff motivation

SAB Miller is to invest in implementing new initiatives across the organisation to help improve staff motivation


Its Annual report 2015 highlighted that 64% of employees who participated in its engagement poll believe they receive appropriate recognition from the organisation.

The beer and soft drinks brewer, which owes the Meantime Brewing Company (pictured), has launched its Mackay Awards in the last year to help improve staff motivation. The awards celebrate and share the best initiatives and innovations across the business.

New initiatives would be aimed at improving how it shows appreciation to its employees.

SAB Miller’s report also predicted that its workforce would change in the next 20 years.

To combat this, it will offer employees career support that includes a focus on identifying the competencies and experiences required to perform and grow in a role.

The report also highlighted that the Latin America region has the strongest employee engagement across SAB Miller, with an engagement score of 91%.

The report stated: “About 80% of [employees] said they believe strongly in our strategic direction, are proud to work at SAB Miller and are willing to go the extra mile to help the organisation succeed.

“Almost 90% said that they clearly understand the goals of their job and that they collaborate well within their teams.

“However, only 64% of employees believe they receive appropriate recognition for a job well done. We are implementing initiatives across the business to improve how we show our appreciation for the hard work of our people.

“We [do] recognise and reward strong performance. Our performance management system provides a framework for employees to set themselves stretching individual goals.

“These goals are linked to business objectives. Bonus payments and salary increases are linked to performance against these goals, and calculated against a combination of individual achievement and overall company performance.”