BGL Group launches financial education programme for staff

BGL Group has launched a financial education programme for its staff.

The new Making the most of your money seminars cover areas such as basic financial planning, borrowing, savings and investment, as well as preparing for retirement.

Since the scheme’s launch in May, 170 employees have signed up for the sessions, which will be delivered by the Money Advice Service (formerly the Consumer Financial Education Body).

The insurance group’s higher earners will also have access to tax-efficiency seminars designed by financial advisors AWD Chase de Vere, to cover topics including income tax, capital gains tax and tax-efficient investment products.

There is also a dedicated MoneyMatters portal promoting a variety of online information and a suite of literature available at all sites.

Lucy Painter, associate director for HR at the BGL Group, said: “We take seriously our responsibility for employees’ wellbeing and have a comprehensive programme in place which runs across all of our UK sites.

“We know that life is a little harder for everyone at the moment so to try to support employees we have added personal financial management to the mix.

“The provision of financial education in the workplace is becoming increasingly common but we wanted our offering to be as valuable as possible for staff.

“We have been supplying employee assistance programmes (EAPs) and pension advice for some time but the idea behind the new seminars is to help employees improve and develop knowledge of their own personal financial wellbeing, and to give them opportunities and resources to take control.

“In addition, we have a range of useful literature available to ensure that we are able to offer ongoing support on these important topics to our staff.”

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