Bahamas hotel resort seeks chief flamingo officer


Something for the weekend: Not many job descriptions hit the holiday hallmarks of sun, sea and sand, however wildlife-loving job-hunters could strike it lucky thanks to Baha Mar, a new hotel resort in the Bahamas, which is advertising for a chief flamingo officer to join its team.

The chief flamingo officer, or CFO for short, will primarily be responsible for caring for the hotel’s resident flamingo flock, due to arrive at Baha Mar in spring 2018. This will include overseeing the flamingo mansion, an indoor and outdoor, aquatic and dry habitat that has been designed to fulfil all the needs of the hotel’s brand-new flamingo flock.

The CFO will also be required to interact with hotel guests, as well as design interactive programmes and guest experiences. This will include creating programmes for Baha Mar’s explorer club, the resort’s children’s group.

Potential candidates, who may be local or from elsewhere in the world, need to have a degree in zoology or a related field to apply for the beach-based role. Baha Mar additionally requires its new CFO to have ample knowledge of caring for exotic animals in an accredited professional environment, and in particular, a knowledge of bird species. Furthermore, the CFO must be able to display a wide understanding of biology, ecology and behaviour requirements of animals, as well as showcase skills in animal habitat maintenance, nutrition and animal observation.

Individuals with a passion for wildlife, conservation, hospitality and the tropical climes of the Caribbean are encouraged to apply for this unique position, which will see the CFO work alongside the hotel’s chief scientist, as the new flamingo habitat will form part of Baha Mar’s Ecological, Aquatic Conservation Habitat Sanctuary (BEACH Sanctuary), which enables the hotel’s guests to learn more about the Bahamas’ natural environment.

Impressive zoology skills aside, the benefits of the CFO position are sure to attract potential new recruits. Lucky candidates will be able to spend their shifts enjoying the tan-inducing tropical weather of the Bahamas, as well as having all of the facilities of a luxury hotel to hand. Furthermore, a new pink posse of flamingo friends is an unusual employee perk that not many hospitality staff can write home about.

Applicants have until 28 February 2018 to submit their CVs and start bulk-buying suncream.

Here at Employee Benefits, we think this job sounds like an amazing opportunity; it certainly encourages us to spread our wings into a new career field…