Sarah Purnell: What’s on your employee benefits wish list?

Sarah Purnell-2015Most of my ideas are around saving time and giving me a chance to do more of things I want to with my time.

A main winner would be a personalised search engine that knew what I was looking for and what was relevant to me. Cookies go some of the way already, but I think something very personalised would be fantastic, pre-empting what I want. It could be considered a little ‘Big Brother’ though.

I’d also like to have a regular personal shopper, who would visit my place of work with selected clothes just for me to look at, try on, and keep as I wanted. Although I do enjoy shopping, when you need something, inevitably you don’t have time to do it, or can’t find what you want. A salary sacrifice clothes allowance would also be great given it is actually my uniform!

I’d also like more other onsite facilities too, for example, getting my nails done regularly, as well as a personal concierge who could receive parcels for me as well as (almost more importantly) return packages for me. Internet shopping does take a lot of time out of the shopping equation, but not all the effort.

Another thing would be easy access to experts such as solicitors, financial advisors, surveyors and builders. Access to a free consultation for advice or an opinion before investing time and money into something would be great.

On another angle, I’d like a way of making my travel outside of work cheaper, for example, salary sacrifice petrol or train vouchers that can be used for your travel at home or during weekends.

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At the really weird end of the spectrum, I’d pay good money for access to Dorothy’s ruby slippers, a transporter or Harry Potter’s Floo network to get to places quickly. I’d also like an inbuilt dictaphone in my head so those fleeting thoughts and ideas don’t get lost.

Sarah Purnell is senior compensation manager at Lucozade Ribena Suntory