Line managers key to employee engagement


Line managers are responsible for employee engagement, according to Professor Linda Holbeche (pictured), co-author of Engaged: Unleashing Your Organisation’s Potential Through Employee Engagement.

Organisations need to step away from the practice of human resources surveys and focus more upon benefits and rewards, to ensure a more engaged workforce.“If you create high levels of engagement you get better results as a company. Line managers are key in this as they set the tone of the work climate,” said Holbeche.

“There are gaps of trust which could have arisen for a whole range of reasons. People can feel insecure, or have been badly handled in the past and are working hard, but they often feel like the organisation is not interested in them,” she said.

Holbeche explained how businesses can help employees connect with the organisation and feel a shared purpose. She emphasised the need for staff to have a voice in the company, to know what is going on and to know their opinion is being heard.

All the responsibility does not fall at the feet of the employers, however. Employees have a role to play and need to take responsibility, make the effort and help make things happen.

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