The cost of a cuppa, how tea improves staff performance

The tea break is a common occurrence in businesses across the UK, but is it worth the cost?

Research into the financial impact of offering tea and coffee facilities to employees by Leeds University Business School has found that on average UK firms are spending £276.53 per year with the cost per brew being 58 pence.

The research shows that men are costing organisations 64 pence per brew and £306.42 per year, while for women its 53 pence and £255.03 per year.

The average time spent making a drink is two minutes one second and in that time 72% of employees talk to others, with 52% talking about work and 48% talking about social happenings.

However, according to organisational psychologists Helen Hughes and Mark Robinson at Leeds University Business School this may not be wasted time.

“A tea break may be one of the few opportunities that people have to network, by chatting to, or bumping into, colleagues who are not in these circles. Chats of this kind can also be a great opportunity to share knowledge and news about work-related issues, thereby improving performance and efficiency.”

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