Salesforce conducts $3m salary adjustment following equal pay assessment

Global cloud-based technology organisation Salesforce has spent approximately $3 million (£2.4 million) on salary adjustments to address unexplained differences in pay.

The organisation adjusted the salaries of 11% of its employees, effective from 1 April 2017.

The pay amendments follow the organisation’s second equal pay audit, which assessed staff salaries and bonuses globally. The audit also considered differences in pay across race and ethnicity, as well as gender, for US-based staff.

As part of the equal pay assessment, employees were grouped into comparable roles to analyse any unexplained differences in compensation.

In 2016, Salesforce spent almost $3 million to address statistically significant differences in pay following its first equal pay audit.

The equal pay assessment initiative forms part of the organisation’s ongoing strategy to advance equality within the business. This includes a focus on equal pay, equal opportunities, equal education, and equal rights.

The organisation has pledged to evaluate its workforce on a continuing basis to ensure that pay is consistent for comparable roles.

Cindy Robbins, executive vice president, global employee success at Salesforce, said: “The need for another adjustment underscores the nature of pay equity; it is a moving target, especially for growing [organisations] in competitive industries. It must be consistently monitored and addressed. Salesforce will continue to focus on equality, diversity and inclusion at all levels, and we plan to review employee compensation on an ongoing basis. 

“I’m proud of the strong stance we’re taking as [an organisation] and of the hard work that has gone into building our approach to equal pay. We are on a journey to improving equality at Salesforce.”