Improving the employee reward experience with choice and transparency

There is a missing ‘r’ in the state of Reward and Recognition, and that is ‘Redemption.’ The new employee rewards redemption experience needs to anchor itself in choice and transparency, while also creating opportunities for personalisation. We know that the best employee rewards experience is immediate and timely so great work can be recognised and rewarded on the spot, when it happens, so employees feel that appreciation right away.

Even when created with good intentions, rewards can fall flat. Defaulting to a cup of coffee for a job well done is a common occurrence – everyone likes coffee, right? Well, no, actually. I know many of my colleagues can’t have extra caffeine, and this sort of reward would sit unused in a desk drawer. The value of that reward for some is diminished. In this case, choice was missing and one size fits all was resonating with some people, while leaving others wanting more.

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