How to scale Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives

By Leah Ben-Ami, Director of Learning at C Space

The pandemic and the racial injustice protests stemming from the murder of George Floyd – in my own hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota – really accelerated and reprioritised our DEI efforts on a global scale. Within a month we had to have some extremely emotional and challenging conversations (virtually) internally about our own roadblocks with DEI as a company, within leadership, and ways that we could focus first on resolving our challenges by focusing on upskilling non-marginalised groups on DEI.

This was not an easy decision to make, and not an easy challenge to tackle especially virtually and during a pandemic, as we saw other competitors and clients rapidly reaching out with their #blacklivesmatter statements – which our Allies group felt was potentially inauthentic and premature given the conflicting voices of their customers.

Instead, we forged our own path and did 10 things to improve DEI at C Space.

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