How to scale a reward and recognition programme

While we’re still in the thick of the winter doldrums in many parts of the world, spring is just around the corner. And as we know, this has been a year like no other. As we reflect on what we’ve learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve heard from many that COVID-19 fatigue has become a real challenge – personally and in our workforces.

You may be feeling drained, stuck in a rut or even disengaged from your work or your team. Even more likely, you may have concerns that fatigue is impacting your teams at work. Take this upcoming month to fight back against fatigue and celebrate what IS working and those who help.

Creating a long-term strategy to show appreciation for your entire workforce starts with building in a series of scalable tactics that continually build a culture of appreciation within your workplace.

Click here to discover six ways to scale your employee reward and recognition programme to make a bigger impact on your people.