How to recognise your employees this Valentine’s Day

A positive workplace culture is something we all want, including both team leaders and team members. With Valentine’s Day around the corner TerryberryReward has some employee reward & recognition tips to help you share the love within your organisation. Browse these staff appreciation tips for ideas on how to help all of your employees feel valued whilst giving you the opportunity to reaffirm your company’s core values.

A positive workplace culture starts with you!
70% of the variance between having a poor, good or great workplace culture can be found in the knowledge, skills and talent of the team leader, not the team members.

Start with quick and easy solutions for employee appreciation
Include employee recognition in company meetings – take a little time to highlight a staff member’s recent achievements and successes. This will help boost morale. It shows that the company values employees’ contributions and is looking to recognise employees on regular basis.

Personal touches – make a note of significant dates in your employees’ lives such as their birthdays, important personal and career anniversaries etc. to let them know you care. If you want to take it a step further, employee recognition providers like TerryberryReward can help you structure a framework for milestone anniversary reminders and staff gifts.

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