How to prioritise employee reward and recognition for 2021

We’ve finally made it to the end of 2020. It’s been a year of challenges, but with challenges come opportunities. A new year symbolises a new beginning and it’s a chance to put your engagement initiatives at the top of your list.

We’ve helped countless HR and People Leaders transform their culture, and we want to share our best practices with you, like incorporating your company values or identifying culture champions to combat employee burnout.

No matter where you are on your reward and recognition journey, it’s always a good time to pause, reflect and get ready for what’s ahead. It’s more important than ever to shine a spotlight on hard work and build a powerful employee recognition strategy to better connect, recognise and support your people.

Not sure how to build your own thank you culture? Click here to discover a step-by-step checklist for a successful reward and recognition program to get you started.