How to carry out remote performance reviews well

Performance reviews may be more valuable than ever. As a result of working from home and the current economic climate, employers should check in on their people and update them on their performance. However, with 46.6% of people in employment working from home, performance reviews are more likely to be held online, offering up a new set of challenges.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve the best possible performance reviews for you and your people.

Preparing for performance reviews

Understanding new challenges faced today is vital. Hence taking a little extra time to prepare for performance reviews will help them run smoothly.

Having the right software 

Make sure you equip yourself and your team with the correct software. For example, supply everyone with Zoom or Microsoft Teams before their performance reviews. In addition, some members may need extra help in downloading software.

Give main feedback in advance.

No feedback given should be shocking, especially over a virtual call. So make sure you adequately prepare your team on topics in the performance review. In effect, staff will know how the conversation will go and be more productive.

Saying thank you

This year has given unprecedented issues. Making sure your staff are happy before performance reviews can help keep them streamline. For example, a simple Thank you for your hard work can mean a lot. Whereas a lack of rewards and recognition causes pressing problems like breaks in communication and unproductivity.

Handling the performance reviews

Knowing what to do when your conducting remote reviews will help keep them as productive as possible.

Positive Body languages 

As a result of virtual performance reviews, people may feel awkward and become ‘camera shy’. Therefore, body language is even more significant. Remember to smile and key as best eye contact as possible, ensuring a sense of connection and relationship.

Pay attention

It can be hard to remain focused during performance reviews, especially if you have several. Virtual meeting makes that even more difficult. However, paying attention will keep performance reviews engaging and manageable.

Reevaluate goals

Setting relevant and achievable goals will negate any unnecessary stress. In addition, understanding goals previously set may be affected by the pandemic and will need to be reassessed by you. Therefore, your team will have objectives they can meet and are more likely to work harder and productively.

Support is key

Aside from productivity and goals, your team may need sufficient support in other areas such as mental wellbeing. Ultimately, allowing those around you to access support will enable them to feel safe and connected. Therefore, higher levels of mental health and lower absenteeism. For instance, rewarding staff with Employee Vouchers could help with financial issues.

To summarise, performance reviews may seem like an impossible task in a remote environment. However, with the correct preparation and delivery, they can be achievable and valuable to everyone.

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