How much money can your organisation save with eldercare?

At Seniorcare by Lottie, we’ve been crunching the numbers. And not just crunching, but creating a powerful tool to showcase those numbers.

As eldercare responsibilities become more of an all-encompassing issue in today’s society, it means workplaces will be affected too. Whether it’s sudden absenteeism, poor mental health, loss of top talent or low productivity, caregiving responsibilities can have a broad and spanning effect on organisations. All in all, it ends up costing businesses thousands per year.

“How much?” you ask, chomping at the bit.

This much. 

If you simply slide the toolbar you can see, depending on the number of employees in your organisation, how much you can save.

If your organisation has 250 employees, on average, 35 of those will have an elderly dependent on them (based on industry research). This creates an estimated cost of £14,840 in lost productivity, absenteeism and turnover due to employees balancing eldercare responsibilities and work over a span of 2 years.

Now consider you’re in an organisation with 15,000 employees, the same mathematics applies. With roughly 2,100 employees affected it could cost your organisation roughly £890,400.

Based on either example there is plenty of ROI from a financial or wellbeing point-of-view. For a personal and bespoke quote, feel free to get in contact with the team today.

How does Seniorcare by Lottie save businesses money?

In short, we save money with support: timely, knowledgeable and kind support. From every aspect of the eldercare journey: from finding the right care plan to assisting with Lasting Power of Attorney, Seniorcare by Lottie can help. With access to an entire library of educational resources and a team of care experts, we alleviate the burdens associated with caregiving and future planning responsibilities. This helps employees focus on what they do best, delivering great work. Relieving this anxiety and pressure point helps boost mental wellbeing and productivity, whilst helping organisations retain their top talent. Chat with the team at Seniorcare by Lottie today to see how an eldercare benefit can transform your workplace’s culture and save you money whilst doing it.