How HR technology is helping us return to the office

By Robert Hicks, Group HR Director at Reward Gateway

In this new world we’re living in, you might forget what day of the week you’re on. But for me, I know that on Fridays, it’s ‘survey prep day.’ It’s the first in a series of tactics that I’ve put in place as our 400+ Reward Gateway employees begin the transition of returning to the office.

This hasn’t been easy. I’ve spent 3 months to this point planning for this particular moment, and I know that I could not be as far along as we are without the right tools to help me during this project.

We’ve worked hard to put in place systems to survey and communicate with our employees, while maintaining a focus on well being and reward and recognition. It’s my goal to make sure our return to the office is as successful as the transition to working from home was.

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When I think about it, I see the technology revolution in HR accelerating and I am glad that I have the tools I have to help me make RG a better place to work.

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