How does the Eye Voucher scheme work?

According to research by the World Health Organisation, around 2.2 billion people across the world have vision impairment or blindness. The same research estimates that around 1 billion cases could have been prevented.

Based on this research, it’s estimated around 1 in 3 of your workforce have eyecare needs and around 1 in 7 could prevent future vision impairment.

This means the Eye Voucher scheme is almost certain to benefit a large number of your employees.

But how does the scheme work? And how can it actually benefit your employees and your business?

This is an important thing to consider as health and wellbeing employee benefits grow more and more important following the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The NHS has been under immense strain and many people have had surgeries and operations cancelled while others have put off appointments and check-ups as a result.

This, however, comes at a time where everyone’s health and wellbeing is under the spotlight. People are more conscious of their health and their immune system in particular.

The demand for healthcare is there but our public health service is stretched leaving many looking for healthcare options elsewhere.

Private healthcare can be expensive, but this is where health and wellbeing employee benefits, like the Eye Voucher scheme, come in.

Our in-depth look at the Eye Voucher scheme includes:

  • How the scheme could work for you and your employees
  • Why the Eye Voucher scheme is so important for employers
  • How COVID-19 has changed the importance of health and wellbeing benefits.

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