Green Initiatives In The Workplace: Why Implement Them?

Importance of Green Initiatives in the Workplace

Sustainability in the workplace means that a business uses green initiatives to positively impact the wider environment and society. A report carried out discovered that 77% respondents agreed that companies should be more transparent about their environmental impact and show how they are aiming to improve.

There are many benefits of using green initiatives in your business.

Here are three reasons why you should implement them:

1) Important to attract and retain staff

Firstly, implementing green initiatives can have a positive impact on attracting and retaining staff:

  • Over 50% of employees won‚Äôt work for a business that lacks strong commitments to social or environmental causes
  • 75% of people are happier in their job when they have the opportunity to make a positive impact in wider society
  • 1 in 4 employees would search for a new job if their employer had a poor history with environmental issues

Businesses that prioritize green initiatives will feel proud for working for the company as they feel part of a broader effort.

2) Protects business reputation

Secondly, if businesses are known to be supporting green initiatives it is likely to protect their reputation. Surveys of senior managers and investors found that using green initiatives add value to their business strategy.

3) Growing market for sustainable goods

Finally, a study found that 73% of global consumers are willing to change consumption habits to have a positive impact on the planet. For example, there has been a 71% increase in searches for sustainable goods over the past five years. If your business uses more green initiatives, they are able to gain competitive advantage, winning over sustainable minded employees.

However, businesses must look for ways to help employees show their support and give them the tools to do this.

Each Person has understood the importance of providing green initiatives to employees in the workplace. That’s why our reward and recognition platform enables staff to give back to the planet. You can make a difference by donating a tree with your epoints. Why not offer the ultimate package to your employees. Employees can chose from a variety of perks AND give back to the planet.

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