Global Marine Group launches flexible working and wellbeing initiative

Telecommunications and offshore renewables company Global Marine Group (GMG) has launched a remote working programme to allow its employees across the world to have more control over their flexible working and wellbeing.

GMG Evolution has been designed to encourage remote working for all 900 members of staff, who work in multiple time zones in its offices, vessels, depots and offshore environments across the organisation. As part of the initiative, employees will now be able to determine how much time they spend in the office and at home, while being able to adjust their hours to work when they are most productive and around commitments such as childcare more flexibly.

GMG said it used its employee insight tool WinningTemp to establish how effective the shift to hybrid working has been for staff since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. By learning from any adaptations and examining the data, it has been able to install a more flexible way of working for its employees under the programme, tailored to individual circumstances.

Ian Douglas, CEO of Global Marine Group, said: “GMG does not want to lose the best bits of these new ways of working by simply reverting to the nine-to-five office-based patterns which were so ingrained in society pre-pandemic.”

He added: “We are committed to continually searching for ways that we can offer flexibility on work location while ensuring the way we work meets our customers’ needs. And there’s been no better opportunity than right now to make it happen. We want to put our people first and give them the power on how they wish to work after all that’s the way to get the best out of anyone. I urge other businesses to follow suit and join us in this movement towards a healthier, happier work life.”