Garmin motivates a dispersed workforce through fitness challenges

According to global fitness device firm Garmin, finding new and impactful ways to motivate and maintain a healthy workforce is a challenge, especially when teams are working remotely or in different countries.

The organisation recently joined forced with Tictrac, a global health and wellbeing platform, and ran a challenge for its European team, which has approximately 800 staff members.

Jörn Watzke, Garmin’s senior director, global business development, says: “Garmin’s European employees can access the Tictrac app from any device and benefit from a range of personalised, interactive plans, based on the individuals own goals, as well as inspiring and actionable  content from a range of health and wellness experts.”

The focus of the recent challenge was also to improve and build connections and camaraderie between colleagues all over Europe. Nine teams within the organisation battled for the highest number of steps across three weeks. The winning team received a donation to their chosen charity, alongside the glory of being crowned the ‘Garmin health EMEA charity challenge champion’.

“This challenge helped our teams to feel more motivated and apply a more charged, energetic mindset to their working day, ultimately boosting productivity and overall general mood. During a time where getting out and meeting people physically isn’t possible, achieving this sort of outcome is priceless to us,” says Watzke.