Gamestop launches TikTok competition for employees

Gamestop launches TikTok competition for employees

Something for the weekend: American electronics retail organisation Gamestop has given employees the opportunity to put on their dancing shoes and get posting on TikTok. 

Employees have the chance to bring out their social media influencing skills and knowledge, by battling it out with their fellow co-workers for a chance to win the prestigious prize of earning ten ‘Labor hours’ to use during Black Friday week.  

Store managers will be strongly encouraged to get their teams to collaborate and communicate by synchronising funky dance moves all the while matching up against Gamestop’s brightest and most popular. This challenge gives the workforce the perfect opportunity to drop their game controllers and pick up the highly addictive social media app to fill their time and rack up their TikTok followers during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. 

In addition to the, oh so exciting prize of extra hours, employees have a shot at winning an Echo eight, Echo auto, and a $100 (£76) gift card.

Time is Tiktoking away as employees only have until 4 November to polish up their video montage moves and submit their masterpiece. The rest of the workforce will cast their vote the following day and crown the ultimate winner.

A spokesperson at Gamestop said: “Employees have the chance to be creative, rope in the rest of the team and have fun with it.” 

Here at Employee Benefits, we hope that the Gamestop team will continue to collaborate through TikTok memes and content in the years to come.