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During the first Lockdown back in March 2020, millions of people missed vital medical appointments and general screenings.  Many were fearful of traveling, were uncertain on whether they could travel, worried they may catch the virus and generally feeling they did not want to add extra pressure to an already overworked sector.  However, whatever the fears or concerns the message is clear – you MUST still attend appointments as looking after your most valuable asset – Your Health, should always be at the top of your list of priorities.

Smear tests, breast screening and prostate screening were among the top appointments missed in the UK. Government guidelines are very clear – medical visits are still permitted and strongly encouraged. To instil this, Preventative Health Assessment Provider Echelon Health, are offering 10% off their full range of Health Assessments including their Well Woman, and Prostate Cancer Health Assessment for men when you book in before 31 March 2021.  With their COVID-19 safe clinic, you will never need to miss an appointment again.

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