Dorothy’s doughnuts

Dorothy has worked at TerryberryReward for 24 years and is the buyer in our procurement team.  Apart from being very good at her job, Dorothy is one of those people that glues the team together. She often brings in her delicious homemade cakes to share with the team, organises charity coffee mornings and generally makes the office feel like more than just a workplace for everyone.

We quite recently relocated into TerryberryReward’s new offices here in Cheshire, and as anyone who has ever moved office (or house) will know, it takes a lot of work to get the new place just-so. All of our colleagues put in a lot of extra effort and time during the big move.

In order recognise such a major accomplishment and to thank the staff for their extra efforts, TerryberryReward hosted a formal company dinner at a nice local restaurant. On the first Friday in our brand-new office, Dorothy decided on her own initiative to bring in some doughnuts for everyone as a little celebration. They were eagerly devoured, and so was born “Friday treats.” Now each Friday we ask Dorothy to buy doughnuts for the office, and they are a welcome fixture at the morning coffee break.

The small but meaningful gesture by one of our team has turned into a tradition that brings the staff together each week, building positive relationships, fostering employee appreciation and adding fun to the workplace.

Small things — like doughnuts! — can provide real value in the workplace, and a simple thank you for a job well done from a peer or overt praise from a manager goes a long way in making the workplace a better, happier and more productive place to be.

TerryberryReward offers employee reward & recognition programmes which can start small and grow, engaging employees with each other and to the objectives of the business. Learn more about our 360 Recognition platform