The crazy way a unicorn helped me create the perfect job advertisement

By Catrin Lewis, Internal Communications Manager

It should have been simple. People recruit new team members all the time. With Reward Gateway growing in size, it was time to recruit another member to join the Internal Communications team. It wouldn’t be too hard. I wrote content day in, day out. A job ad would be easy, I thought: I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

But every time I thought I’d got the description finished, it just didn’t feel right. The truth was, I’d never had to design a job before. In fact, I’d never even considered a “design” process as part of the whole “job” thing. I thought it was simply a “we have stuff that needs doing so find someone to do it” type of thing.

Going through the experience of recruiting our perfect candidate through a creative job advertisement taught me a few lessons. The biggest one was to throw out the rulebook for “job descriptions” and think outside the box.

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