Cisco, Salesforce and SAS recognised among UK’s Best workplaces in tech 2019


Adobe, Cisco (pictured), Indeed, Kronos, Salesforce, SAS and Workday are among the technology organisations recognised in the UK’s Best workplaces in tech 2019 report, compiled by Great Place to Work.

The Best workplaces in tech report highlights the technology organisations that featured on Great Place to Work’s UK’s Best workplaces 2019 list, announced in June 2019. It also considers any newly surveyed businesses in the technology sector that have recently met Great Place to Work’s qualifying metrics.

This includes its workplace culture audit, completed by an organisation’s HR department, which analyses working policies that contribute towards the employee experience.

Great Place to Work also takes into account feedback from an employee engagement survey, called the trust index, when compiling its final report; this offers insights across areas such as payrewardwellbeing, corporate social responsibility (CSR), diversity, recognition and employee engagement.

To account for size, organisations are broken into various categories. Employers that have more than 1,000 staff feature in the ‘super large’ category, for example, and businesses with between 251 and 1,000 employees sitting within the large category.

The top five organisations in the UK’s Best workplaces in tech 2019 list, across each of the categories, are:

Super large (only four featured organisations in this category)

  1. Salesforce
  2. Cisco
  3. SAP
  4. Rackspace


  1. Workday
  2. Adobe
  3. UKFast
  4. Red Hat UK
  5. SAS


  1. Natilik
  2. QuickBooks UK
  3. DMW Group
  4. Indeed UK
  5. Automation Logic


  1. TotallyMoney
  2. Axis Communications UK
  3. Yext
  5. Bright

Charles Senabulya, vice president and country manager at SAS UK and Ireland, said: “We’re delighted to be number five in the [Great Place to Work] ranking for large tech [organisations].

“We know that the competition for candidates seeking opportunities within the tech industry has significantly expanded over the past few years, particularly within the UK. So, this recognition is testament to all the great practices and policies we’ve put in place to make SAS an attractive place to work for both new recruits and existing employees.

“We are always looking to improve our employees’ experiences by making sure we continuously and effectively listen to our workforce. We continue to work together to maintain and enhance our reputation as a great place to work.”