Checklist: Building a Culture of Wellbeing for your Organisation

To secure long-term, sustainable success, employers need a happy, healthy and motivated workforce. This doesn’t just happen – it requires effort, energy, leadership buy-in and resources.

A culture of wellbeing that helps your people thrive as individuals will also help your organisation thrive in its interactions with your key stakeholders, including suppliers and customers.

There are many factors that influence the culture of an organisation. This checklist is a tool to help guide organisations towards a culture of wellbeing.

 We examine the key factors that can drive this culture and help you to:

  • Address the factors that influence the culture of an organisation
  • Revisit the physical and non-physical elements of your company’s working environment
  • Revisit company policies
  • Revisit wellbeing cues

A culture of wellbeing can be a game changer for your organisation and help attract, retain and motivate your people. It can be the difference between success and failure as an organisation.

Download our checklist here and start the journey of building or reviewing your wellbeing culture today.