Busy Bees Benefits: Preparing your workplace for a return to work

Employers who shut down or reduced their operations at the start of the lock down are now focusing on how to reopen their workplaces. During this time, health and safety considerations are key both from a legal perspective and, more importantly, to ensure your workforce and customers have confidence that you can reopen safely.

There are many factors that must be considered when preparing your workplace for a return to work. This includes boosting mental well-being, whether employees will continue to work from home, workplace safety and ensuring your business bounces back even stronger.

Boosting mental well-being

During lock down, many businesses and individuals have worked hard to protect and promote positive mental well-being, and this will need to be continued as businesses return to work. Employers have an obligation to take measures to protect the mental health of their employees as well as their physical health and there’s never been a more relevant time to highlight the need for good quality mental health support.

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Implementing services such an Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), which gives access to information and counseling services, or other benefits such as virtual GP services, can support your employees with their mental health.

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