Behind the Scenes: A look at Nationwide’s employee recognition journey

Welcome to our new series, ‘Behind the Scenes,’ where we’ll sneak behind the curtain of how leading employers are attracting, engaging and retaining their talent. First up is Nationwide…

Nationwide is the world’s largest building society and one of the most popular mortgage providers in the UK, employing over 18,000 people with 700 branches. Despite an excellent reputation as an employer, the company decided it was time to revamp its employee recognition strategy and make a truly personalised experience by consolidating separate systems and processes into a single platform.

Having launched the new system, ‘Appreciate,’ in February 2021, we caught up with Claire Clarke, Reward & Recognition Specialist at Nationwide, to look back at the initial stages of their journey and the key factors that made partnering with Reward Gateway a natural choice.

Nationwide’s new platform easily surpassed its previous provider with daily eCards sent by 300% in the first three days of launch (compared to their previous daily figure) and continues to drive engagement with 85% active users. The organisation is close to hitting its 100k mark with eCards and half a million spent on reward.

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