Avo Consulting introduces pulse surveys to understand employee engagement

To prepare for future engagement challenges and ensure employees receive the best employment experience, Norwegian firm Avo Consulting has been harnessing feedback during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic to be used in its decision-making processes.

Within two weeks of the Norweigan government announcing lockdown measures, Avo Consulting conducted its first survey, through Peakon, to get a measure of engagement and understand what its 85 employees think about working at the organisation.

Creating the survey gave the business a two-way line of communication with employees working remotely, to ensure that they are being fully supported during this time and in the future.

Preben Høeg Hafsaas, partner at Avo Consulting, says: “After using the internal survey for the first time, we were able to effectively understand how to improve our engagement and employee experience.”

The survey produced a number of feedback points which the organisation was able to act on. “We were able to use the feedback we got to understand what was best suited to our workforce, such as musculoskeletal issues among our employees.,” says Hafsaas. “We managed to counter this by delivering office chairs to employees working from home.”

To further understand the future employee engagement challenges, Avo Consulting will continue to send out regular surveys to achieve a better understanding of what its workforce needs.

“The response from employees has been really positive,” says Hafsaas. “In the first survey we saw 74% of our employees take part, which has maximised engagement during difficult times, and has proven that as a business we can really live up to our values which we believe fosters engagement now and in the future.”