An Introduction to The Money Charity

The Money Charity is the UK’s financial capability charity and our vision is for everyone to be on top of their money as a part of everyday life. We empower people across the UK to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours which help them to make the most of their money throughout their lives. We believe that being on top of your money means you are more in control of your life, your finances and your debts, reducing stress and hardship and increasing your wellbeing, which will help you achieve your goals and live a happier, more positive life.

Even in the busy current news agenda, a persistent picture continues to be seen of the UK’s ongoing struggles to be on top of its finances. Financial knowledge and confidence levels remain low, with many hindered by inaccessible terminology, outdated systems and the ease with which poor financial decisions can be made and exacerbated. New technology and opportunities offer hopes of positive change, but equally can further confuse those already struggling to comprehend where to start in managing their money well and weighing up the right options for them and their loved ones.

Into that confusion, our workshops, training, consultancy and resources bring clarity and perspective to all those we work with, engaging them honestly with their money so getting to grips with their money and making the right financial decisions is no longer as scary.

Increasingly, employers are recognising the critical need to invest in, and care for, their employees in multiple aspects of their lives, including their financial wellbeing. Our workshops offer a range of content, formats and options which mean we can meet the needs of all kinds of workplaces and community groups. Workshop delivery is always completely impartial and objective and we never promote or push any specific products. We want to engage people with their finances and with making considered, informed decisions which are the right ones for themselves and the lives they aspire towards. We continually evolve the content of our workshops to keep pace with current requirements, ensuring we meet the needs employers are seeking.

We also have a wide range of resources and tools, benefitting people of all ages, which further our reach as well as being designed to supplement the content of our workshops. We advocate within the area of policy and influence, trying to positively change financial systems and structures so that they favour better outcomes for consumers. We also produce a highly popular monthly report, The Money Statistics, which gives an objective perspective on the state of the UK’s finances, which in turn offers multiple perspectives for engaging people with messages around financial capability.

We would love to speak with you further about what we can offer you and how we are working to spread the word about financial capability and wellbeing in the UK. Get in touch on [email protected] or 0207 062 8933.