A guide to budgeting for employee benefits

Many of us, businesses as well as individuals, are tightening the purse strings in response to the changing economic environment we now find ourselves in.

As a result, providing an employee benefits package that will genuinely make a positive difference for your employees and help you meet your HR objectives is becoming more and more difficult to budget for.

Employee benefits are an important investment and when budgeted for effectively come with a huge number of key benefits that are vital in today’s workplace.

Whether you’re implementing benefits for the first time or updating your existing employee benefits budget for the next fiscal period, this guide is designed to help you get the most out of your budget.

Our latest guide includes:

  • Choosing your budget planning method
  • Mandatory or core employee benefits
  • Selecting your employee benefits
  • Cost-neutral and salary sacrifice employee benefits
  • Including an employee benefits platform in your budget
  • How to get your employee benefits budget approved
  • Getting employee benefits budget advice from industry experts

Take a look at our full guide to budgeting for employee benefits