9 workplace trends impacting employee experience in 2021

COVID-19, like most of us, isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Even if the global pandemic magically disappeared overnight, there’s no magic reset button that brings us back to our previous ways of working. In fact, the sentiment amongst most Brits is that it’s worth ditching our old-school ways of working and embracing some of the positive habits we adopted as we quickly adapted to life in lockdown.

Many of the conversations we’re having this year are around what needs to be done to sustain momentum and how to secure a budget to ensure the right tools and strategies are in place to help set our people up for success in this new world of work.

As organisations move from crisis survival towards designing work environments where employees can thrive in the midst of change, some workplace trends may be what your company needs to help your teams embrace this ‘new normal’. Click here to discover what they are.