55% of UK staff want more reward and recognition investment

More than half (55%) of UK employees want their employer to increase its investment in employee reward and recognition, according to reseerch by employee engagement platform Reward Gateway.

Its 2023 Employee engagement trends report, which surveyed more than 3,000 employees across four global regions, also found that more than half of UK respondents frequently experience stress at work.

Four in 10 (39%) said the largest negative impact over the past few years has been on their wellbeing, while more than four in five believed workplace burnout has impacted their overall mental health and wellbeing.

More than one-third (39%) of respondents rated their employer’s mental wellbeing support as good or excellent, 32% rated their employer’s physical wellbeing aid as good or excellent, and 28% rated their employer’s financial wellbeing assistance as good or excellent.

Of those that frequently experience stress at work, 74% rated their employer’s recognition of this as poor, while 47% rated it as good or excellent. Among those that frequently experience burnout at work, 66% rated recognition of this as poor and 39% said it was good or

Almost three-quarters (72%) agreed that their work wellbeing would improve if they were thanked more for their hard work and 24% said they are no longer going above and beyond their specific responsibilities or schedule.

Rob Boland, chief operating officer at Reward Gateway, said: “The very backbone of your business, managers drive success by steering, empowering, and listening to employees, all while maintaining that vital connection to leadership and vision. Employers need to look at the road that leads to quiet quitting and how they can move their people into actively engaging.”

Alexandra Powell, director of client cultural insights at Reward Gateway, added: “Support, connection, communication and recognition are effective, sustainable and affordable levers that work together to boost workplace wellbeing and productivity. Wellbeing has levelled up. If you don’t pay attention to it, you won’t get the staff loyalty you need to thrive as an organisation.”