What did your attendance figures look like yesterday?

The first Monday of the month has been known as National Sickie Day since 2011. Statistically, it’s the day when more UK workers will call in sick than any other day of the year.

Is National Sickie Day a bad thing?

The National Sickie Day initiative would argue not since they recognise that some people use this day for mental health reasons. They claim that by recognising and responding to their wellbeing needs, employees reduce the risk of further absences by giving themselves this one day to rest and recharge.

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Whilst it’s essential to practise self-care, and presenteeism also costs employers money, absenteeism costs the UK economy £18 billion annually.

In this blog, we take a look at: absenteeism in the UK, reducing absenteeism, boosting motivation, and boosting mental wellbeing.