5 power tips for parents working from home with kids

Working from home can be challenging for some people at the best of times, they may not have the right desk to work from, have noisy neighbours, a partner who is distracting, or not much space to differentiate from work and rest. But if you add children who need to be looked after, or home-schooled, to the mix and it’s a whole new challenge for people.

How are we to manage our time, ensure the work is done, the children have learned all of their phonics and we are not all climbing the walls at the end of the day? As I’ve been working remotely throughout the pandemic with my two little ones (aged 6 and 2) throughout the pandemic, I’ve learned a few tricks that I want to share with you.

Click here to check them out – hope you find them helpful as we navigate yet another ‘new normal’ and try to do our best in this changing environment.