10 creative ways to show recognition that are outside the box

Author : Alexandra Powell, Director of Client Culture and Engagement at Reward Gateway

Almost everyone loves the standard employee recognition, the verbal praise, the gift cards, the written ‘thank you.’ But sometimes to have a true impact on employees, the status quo is not always enough. That’s why it’s important to consider the unique individuals that work for your establishment and show them recognition that is thoughtful and personalised and a step away from their usual day to day.

It is well known that proper recognition improves employee productivity, lowers turnover, improves employee engagement, and overall helps organisations be more profitable. And since 90% of HR workers agree that an effective employee recognition programme drives business, it is important to not only reward in the traditional ways but to take time and energy into creating recognition that accommodates the individual employee.

To do this, the first step is to be willing to explore options that are out there.

Breaking away from what everyone else is doing gives you freedom to address the uniqueness of your specific industry.

Think about who the people who work for you are, and what might appeal to them. Are they healthcare providers? Are they drivers and in charge of delivery? Are their duties high stress? Do they work long hours?

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