Zego introduces flexible working for staff

ZegoCommercial motor insurance organisation Zego has introduced full-time flexible working for its almost 300-strong workforce this month (November), as well as new policies to support remote working, employee development and wellbeing.

Having almost doubled its headcount recently, the business’ flexible first workplace principle will mean staff are better supported when working remotely in order to “attract and accommodate top talent” from all over the world.

According to Zego, the decision was the result of an internal survey, which found that 91% of staff value the flexibility and choice of where they work from, but still prefer to be in the office. This initiative will help to accommodate both and will be supplemented by an annual contribution of £1,000 per employee to support at-home work equipment and wellbeing, as well as day-to-day working, travel to the main office or other shared working spaces.

In addition, team leaders have also been provided with an additional budget to increase virtual and in-person social connections between work and social events, which will be reintroduced from March 2022 onwards. The business will also continue to offer an annual £500 learning and development allowance per employee to improve personal and professional development.

Kingsley Macey, chief people officer at Zego, explained that it is important to offer employees full flexibility to suit individual needs and preferences as the team continues to grow, and enabling working styles that employees control is part of its policy.

“We are committed to enhancing our distributed working, giving people unlimited access to physical spaces if they want it, and also thoughtfully bringing people together to nurture our culture. Our flexible first approach will allow Zegons to find out what really works for them, whilst also giving them extra support in making any necessary adjustments to their work style,” Macey said.