Wilson James ensures staff are aware of support available through voluntary benefits

Wilson James, a professional services and skilled labour firm for the security, logistics, aviation and technology sectors, has embedded raising awareness of its voluntary benefits provision from the very start of its employees’ career journeys, and even during the recruitment process.

The firm has nearly 6,000 employees working in more than 300 UK client sites and offices. Its voluntary benefits include discounts at retailers such as supermarkets, utilities, travel, hospitality and consumer goods.

Wilson James promotes its voluntary benefits to help staff when they need these by regularly highlighting what is on offer through its employee portal, provided by Vivup.

When partnering with Vivup, it was important to the firm that it maximises awareness of the benefits options available to all staff, says Joanne Fenton, HR operations director at Wilson James.

“Through process redesign, automation in our onboarding and a campaign of continuous awareness, we have embedded our benefits into our permanent wellbeing and employer value proposition communications campaigns,” she says.

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As a large and diverse organisation, one of the most important aspects for Wilson James when considering a benefits provider was the element of choice. It acknowledges that benefits that might be attractive to an employee with a family of four in the north of England might not be to one without children but with caring responsibilities for an aging parent in London, for example.

“Some employees may be concerned with gas prices, others may be most concerned about personal debt, and yet another might be struggling with a mental health crisis,” says Fenton. “People are individuals and so are their needs and wants. Having a platform that provides choice and flexibility for how a worker wants to use their lifestyle savings, or obtain confidential help or counselling, is a must for us in 2023.”